Safety first

At Gillis Shipping, safety is our priority.

Minimum personal protection requirements when our staff visits your ship are:

  • High visibility jacket.
  • Safety helmet.
  • Chemical resistant and antistatic safety shoes.
  • Waterproof floating rucksack.
  • Photo ID.

Our crew are strictly instructed to:

  • Never drive when tired or under the influence of medication or alcohol.
  • Never board a vessel without a proper and safe gangway.
  • Never use mobile telephones or electrical devices at oil & lpg terminals.

In case of fire, blackout, virus attack etc. we have facilities to continue our work from several different locations within 30 minutes. Our computers are connected to three different internet service providers and daily backups are stored offsite.

Be assured that we are able to maintain the highest quality of service even under the severest of circumstances.

All our employees have passed the SSG Entry - environment and safety course for industry contractors.